Typical Rett syndrome

Diagnosis of ‘typical’ or ‘classical’ Rett syndrome include:

  • regression within the first 5 years, then recovery
  • partial or complete loss of use of hands
  • partial or complete loss of speech
  • abnormal gait
  • hand wringing


Atypical Rett syndrome

To be diagnosed with Atypical Rett syndrome, at least two of the four essential symptoms for a diagnosis of ‘typical’ Rett syndrome, and at least five of the 11 symptoms, which include:

  • difficulty breathing
  • uncontrollable laughing or screaming
  • teeth grinding
  • abnormal response to pain
  • sleep issues
  • ‘eye pointing’
  • abnormal muscle tone
  • growth retardation
  • abnormal hands and feet
  • Cold or bluish hands and/or feet
  • scoliosis